Why You Should Service Your Car Periodically

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Wonder why we should service our vehicle periodically at Honda Authorised Service Centre??

10 Reasons WHY!

  1. Promote better fuel-efficiency & lower CO2 emissions.
  2. Ensure effectiveness of engine oil with regular replacement (this also ensures better fuel efficiency)
  3. Prevent fuel leakage.
  4. Ensure brake safety as brakes will be checked & adjusted accordingly.
  5. Avoid unnecessary wear & tear with lubrication of moving parts.
  6. Improve lifespan of tyres with regular checking, rotation & inflation of tyre pressure.
  7. For better visibility, lights must be frequently checked and adjusted.
  8. Ensure smooth driving with regular checking of steering and suspension components.
  9. Prevent engine component damage of failure.
  10. It enhance the resale value of your vehicle.


Source: Honda Malaysia



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