5 Tips to Disinfect Your Car During COVID-19

The world is still struggling to cope with the severe conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though the Movement Control Order (MCO) has been lifted, there are still many challenges that must be considered to minimize the coronavirus’s impact. Good hygiene must be practised strictly, and social distancing guidelines are also essential.

Our Honda service centre also designed specific strategies to get used to the new normal and maintain safety protocols. Such measures must be adopted to make travelling via cars safe and secure as well.

According to the WHO, coronavirus can survive on plastic and steel for 72 hours. Door handles, lift buttons, car bodies, petrol pumps and car windows can carry the coronavirus. It is imperative that along with frequently washing your hands, you sanitize surfaces.

Here are some tips that you should follow to disinfect your car:


1. Disinfect Frequently-Touched Areas of The Car

There are many different cleaning and sterilizing products that you can use to disinfect the most touched areas of your car. They include using wipes, sprays or soap on areas such as handles, windows, dashboards, shift levers, any touch screen or button, vents, armrests, seat adjuster and especially the steering wheel. Other than the standard products, you can also find many specialized car cleaning products in the market.

Experts have advised the disinfecting of laptops, PCs, cell phones, desks and other frequently used products. Private cars are one of the most used types of transport and can be a significant source of virus transmission. Sanitizing a car surface can be challenging because it is more vulnerable to damage than normal surfaces. Home cleaning products that contain at least 70% of alcohol are useful against coronavirus. The interior surfaces of the vehicle can be sterilized with isopropyl alcohol, which is also used to disinfect heavy equipment in different factories.

Bleach, hydrogen peroxide and other such heavy cleaning products should not be used for disinfecting cars because they can permanently damage surfaces. For car touch screens, buttons and other sensitive areas, alcohol-based disinfectants should be used in small quantities. At the same time,  ammonia-based cleaners should be avoided because they can damage fingerprint sensors and anti-glare coatings.


2. Keep Windows Open

Ventilation is an effective tool against the transmission of coronavirus. It is proven that the air quality inside a car is much worse than outside, so it is highly recommended that you keep the car windows open during your rides to make sure there is proper circulation of fresh air.


3. Regularly Change The Air Filter

Different surveys have proven that very few people are aware that changing the air filter is suitable for car ventilation and better healthy driving. In terms of COVID-19, there are no conclusive studies yet that assess the impact of circulation on the transmission of the virus, but changing the air filter is a general hygienic practice that should be followed in these times as well.

The purpose of the air filter is to trap and prevent the particles from entering the car. There are different types of air filters available if you service your Honda cars from our centres, such as HEPA, carbon filter and many others, which are installed according to your requirements and vehicle.


4. Always Keep Disinfecting Wipes and Masks in Your Car

During the pandemic, the majority of people are expected to use private cars instead of public transportation. It is always better to take preventative measures instead of being sorry later, so you should keep disinfecting wipes, tissues, masks, gloves and a small bin in your car to dispose of the used stuff.

Using simple soap and water for cleaning car interiors is also safe for fabrics and leather. A microfiber cloth should be used to avoid any damage to the fabric of the seats and to clean any dirt or harmful particles stuck in the tiny holes of the surfaces. Scrubbing the surface too hard and using too much soap can destroy the surface.

Therefore, professionals at JM Motor Services in Penang are available to help you in the complete disinfection of the car to make it safe and secure.


5. Limited Passengers

Social distancing guidelines are still implemented in public places, and you should follow the same policy in your vehicle by limiting the number of passengers in it. Fewer people means there will be less chance of COVID-19 transmission, and therefore, you and your passengers can remain safe while travelling.


The Bottom Line 

These are uncertain times, and quite understandably, people are afraid of catching the virus from one another and even from their cars. You must keep vehicles as clean as possible to minimize the chances of coronavirus transmission.

Our professional cleaner can sterilize your vehicle to the highest standards and this will give you much-needed peace of mind while travelling in a clean and safe car.

Things to Consider Before Painting Your Car

When you decide to paint your car, a lot of things should be considered. Is painting the entire car with a different colour more expensive?

Will the painter remove the original paint before the new paint is applied? How many days does it take to paint your car?

Read on to have all your doubts answered!


How To Know If Your Car Needs To Be Painted

There are three main reasons why you might consider painting your car:

1. Fading Of Paint Shine

Fading is when you notice the colour of your car starts to lose its depth, richness, and vibrancy. As the clear paint starts to thin, the paint begins to lose lustre or brilliance.

2. Peeling Clear Coat

When the colour of your car paint is peeling, it is a clear sign that you need a paint job. You should know that it is the coating that is peeling, not the colour. There are a few warning signs that your clear coating is starting to peel:

  • Bubbles

3. Serious Scratching

One of the main reasons why car owners take their car for a paint job is when serious scratching occurs. Scratching can be caused by simply washing the car with the wrong supplies or using bad techniques.


Is Your Car Worth Painting?

There are situations when your car is not worth the cost of a paint job. To decide, check on the value of your car before you make the decision.

The rule is that if the paint job will cost as much as 25% of the car’s value, it is better not to do it.


Changing Your Car Color

If you are thinking about changing your car colour, bear in mind of the following:

  1. Repainting your entire car with a different colour would make the paint job costlier.
  2. To completely change the colour of your car, the experts at car service centre will have to take everything out of the vehicle, even the engine, as well as the seats, dashboard, and console.
  3. To properly repaint the car, the paint and clear coat should first be removed.
  4. You should expect to be without your car for at least seven days to make sure everything is alright.


Types of Paint

The first thing you need to decide is what type of paint job you want. There are a lot of choices, such as colour, quality, and level of preparation. Don’t be tempted to choose a car repair centre that offers a cheap paint job as you will probably get an inferior finish for your car.

Instead, go for a professional paint shop to make sure an adequately trained painter will paint your car. Please take note that a high-quality paint shop will spend 10 hours preparing the vehicle for every one hour they spend spraying paint.

Trained painters at authorized car service centre will remove all parts that should not be painted, such as the bumper, tail lights, turn signals, and rubber trim. This is done to avoid any perceivable line between the painted parts and the unpainted parts.

The price of a paint job varies depending on the type of service you choose, such as:

  • Specific sections to be painted
  • Interior work
  • Patching any damage

Keep in mind that the original paintwork has not been just applied on the exterior surfaces. The colour goes around the doors, hatchback, and trucks. The hood has colour on the interior surfaces too. Thus the paint job should include all of these areas.

Finally, a paint job won’t fix every issue in the car. If your vehicle needs repairs, it is better to take your car to the nearest Honda Car Service in Penang to solve the surface issues before you paint the car if around Penang area.

5 Best Car Maintenance Tips During COVID-19 Lockdown

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries are now under lockdown. While Malaysia is observing MCO (Movement Control Order), many vehicle owners have started to wonder how long their vehicles can sit without being driven.

The truth is when your car sits for too long, it starts breaking down systematically Additionally, car maintenance is essential to avoid the risk of unwanted repair bills or even permanent damage.

Fortunately, you can still take a few steps to ensure that your vehicle remains in perfect running condition until the MCO period ends.

For Honda vehicle owners out there, if you’re still unsure, feel free to get in touch with a Penang Honda Service and Maintenance centre.

5 Best Car Maintenance Tips During Lockdown

The following are the best car maintenance tips during COVID-19 lockdown or MCO (Movement Control Order), so stay informed and stay safe at home.

1. Batteries Lose Their Charge Gradually

Your vehicle’s battery is charged via the alternator of the car. When the car sits for more than two weeks, the battery starts losing its charge, which is even faster in cold temperature.

With a low-powered battery, central locking and alarm system doesn’t function rightly. With a dying battery, your alarm might fail to alert you when an intruder arrives.


2. Flat Spots Begin to Develop in Tyres

Improperly inflated tyres and an untouched or unmoving car for a long time leads to flat spots. Flat spots lead to uneasy and unsafe ride because of excessive vibration. Therefore, keep your car running for a few miles by the end of every week.


3. Keep the Petrol Tank Full

A half-empty or near-empty petrol tank of a resting car can accumulate unwelcomed moisture. Moreover, moisture will become a part of the oil, causing a corroded petrol tank and its parts. The good news is petrol is cheaper nowadays, so why not?


4. Rodents Can Find Shelter in an Unused Car

An abandoned car is a perfect abode for rodents and pests. They can start living in your car’s exhaust outlets and might chew up on a few wirings under the hood.


5. Park Safely and Wisely

Parking in the grassy or dirt patches can cause moisture to build up in the undercarriage. Moreover, parking under a tree isn’t wise if you aren’t putting on the car cover. Bird poop, in fact, is acidic on your car paint.


What Happens When You Take Your Car Out Briefly But Regularly?

Not only does it prevent the aforementioned issues from happening, but also helps in circulating the fluids to keep all the car parts moving—transmission, brakes, etc.

Additionally, when the car sits for too long, the engine and other parts can dry out. A prolonged parked car causes the oils to settle, seals to dry out and fluids to separate. This can cause serious automobile problem in the long run.


How Long Can Your Car Sit Untouched?

For perfect car maintenance, you should check the fuel and fluids regularly. Moreover, don’t let it stay at one spot for more than a week. You can prolong it to two weeks but it’s best to keep the machine running, jolting, braking and moving.

If you are stuck away from your hometown, what you can do is:

  • Ask someone to put the car cover on.
  • Park it in normal temperature conditions.
  • Get the petrol tank topped up and tyres bloated up.
  • If possible, unhook the negative cable of the battery to stop it from discharging.
  • Otherwise, connecting a trickle charger to battery’s terminals would prevent it from dying.


How to Keep Up the Maintenance Schedule?

Keeping up the maintenance schedule prevents repair and damage issues later on:

  • Regularly check the car fluids, brake movement and get the oil changed on time.
  • While driving after a long time, keep it easy on the brakes for first few drives.
  • Also, keep the coolant level and tyre pressure in check.
  • Spray rodent repellent inside your garage. Regularly clean up under the hood and remove any food scraps to prevent the uncalled for visitors.
  • Always park your car in the garage to keep it safe, dry and clean.

If at all, your car ends up being stuck, contact Penang Honda service maintenance for Honda car service in Penang and other accident repairs.

How to Know If Your Car Needs a New Battery

Your car battery is essentially the heart of your vehicle. Recognizing a failing battery in time can keep your engine running smoothly.

Otherwise, the car wouldn’t start the next morning, getting you late from your appointment. So, there are certain checks you have to perform regularly to know if something is wrong with the battery.

Now the question is, how to identify a failing battery? What factors lead to a dying battery? Here’s a complete guide to know if your car needs a new battery.


How Does Your Car Battery Work?

When you turn the key or press the button to ignite the engine, the battery jolts the sleeping engine back to life.

Mostly, car batteries are based on lead-acid reactions that help with the SLI (starting, lighting, and ignition). With the ignition, a signal is sent to the battery for a chemical reaction within the black box. This changes into electrical energy that gets the engine cranking.

When there is something wrong with your battery, lights can flicker or the engine wouldn’t get the necessary electrical energy to start.


6 Signs of a Dead or Dying Battery

1. Slow or No Engine Cranks

The engine cranks, but the car doesn’t start. When the battery is near dying, the engine wouldn’t crank and the lights wouldn’t turn on.

If the engine doesn’t crank about 3 to 4 times a week, you really need to get it checked.

Remember if you leave the lights on or power adapter plugged in overnight, the battery might have already been drained.


2. Cold Cranking is Tough

If you are required to put extra energy to start your car, it’s a sign that its life is about to end. Mostly, people don’t notice it because it can happen only as frequently as thrice a week.

However, in cold mornings, it’s normal for the vehicle to hold back and start with a little difficulty. But otherwise, it shouldn’t be ignored.

Another reason for cold cranks difficulty is having the wrong battery installed into your car. So, after getting a new battery, this trouble shouldn’t be happening.


3. You Need to Jump-Start Your Car a Lot

Even the efficiency of a new battery can suffer if it is jumped over 3 to 4 times a week. Jump box or cables are brutal for your battery is being brought to life by ‘shocking’ it.

Many times, unprofessional mechanics and drivers consider the battery to be new and shock it back to life. This practice only makes the matter worse by harming the battery capacity.

So, if jumping the battery often is an issue, get your car a new battery for once.


4. Low Battery CCA Rating

Automotive repair shops test the battery capacity in CCA or Cold Cranking Amps using a specialised tester. It shows the battery CCA rating and the measured CCA. This can indicate in time whether your battery needs to be replaced or recharged.

If you’re a Honda vehicle owner residing in Penang, get your battery capacity checked by the professional mechanics at the Honda Service Center in Juru.


5. Other Signs of a Dying Battery

If the battery casing swells due to excessive heat, the battery life is affected. At times, battery leakage can corrode the electrodes and it needs to be cleaned to start the engine.

The average car battery life is about 3 years, so beyond that, it can die anytime.

*read more about How Often Should You Change Your Engine Oil


So When Do I Need a New Car Battery?

In spite of the fact that lead-acid batteries are reliable, shorter trips and extreme temperatures can shorten the life expectancy of a battery. Keep monitoring the battery fluid levels and engine light regularly.

Sometimes, when the battery power is down, the engine light turns on. The car battery should have a fluid level above the lead plates. If it drops below it, get the battery or its charging system checked.

In addition, sending your Honda vehicle for regular Honda Service Maintenance is a good investment to keep your vehicle running smoothly for longer with a complete, professional inspection. For more information, contact us and book an appointment.

Things To Check After Your Car Service

We all know it’s important to have our cars serviced regularly. Now the question is, do you trust your mechanic? To make sure that nothing fishy happens when you take your car for a service, the following are a few things you can check when you get your car back from the workshop.


1. Work order/Job sheet

Preparing a job sheet is standard practice for any service centre, irrespective of the station where your car is being serviced. The work order sheet is very important because it acts as a means of communication between the mechanic and the service advisor. Always request a work order/job sheet whenever you take your car to a service centre for servicing.

Before you take your car home, ensure that all indicated issues have been repaired by going through the car and the sheet. You wouldn’t want the situation whereby a certain fault in your car was missed and left unrepaired.



2. Engine oil/Transmission oil

Just like the human heart, the engine is the core of your car, and for your car to function optimally, it requires engine oil and filter change. It is also the same for your transmitter, though it doesn’t come with a filter like an engine.

Depending on when you decide to change your engine oil, make sure you take note of the colour before you change it and after you change it. New oil is always clean, and they have a light appearance.

Changing engine oil during car service


3. Itemized Bill

When your car undergoes servicing, an itemized bill is always prepared. Carefully scrutinize this bill and make sure it has the inscription of the items that were given to you by the service advisor.

Go through every detail on the bill and in situations whereby your engine oil was refilled make sure you aren’t charged for the replacement. Of course, human and machine error is possible in every situation, so ensure you keep your eyes peeled and remain vigilant.

itemized bill for car service


4. Coolant/Brake fluid

After running a few thousand kilometres with your vehicle, you must change the engine coolant of your car because it loses its properties gradually. Depending on what was specified by the manufacturer of your vehicle, you may be required to refill or replace the brake fluid as well.

Unless you were around when this was being done, you can’t ascertain if your brake fluid has been replaced or if the engine coolant of your vehicle has been changed as per agreement with your service adviser. For you to closely monitor this process, it is better you stay in the observation bay of a service centre where you can see the process.

coolant fluid during car service


5. Fuel gauge

To make sure that your fuel isn’t wasted or used inappropriately, service advisors often indicate the fuel level on the job sheet. In countries with hot weather, such as Malaysia, it is a usual practice to examine the air conditioning system of your car to ensure that they are all working. Some mechanics take advantage of this and waste your fuel relaxing while your air conditioner soothes them.

Solution? Check your fuel level upon delivery and compare it with what was indicated when you brought it in for servicing.

fuel gauge after car service



Bringing your car for service and maintenance is important in ensuring that it always functions at tip-top condition. However, not all workshops are reliable. If you own a Honda vehicle, the best solution is to have your car serviced at an authorized Honda service centre. Skipping a car service may save you some money, but in the long run, you risk having to pay more for potential issues, which may cost you even more. For more information about Honda car service and maintenance, get in touch with us!

Common Car Fixes After An Accident

There is no fun in getting involved in a car accident; neither is the damage that comes with the accident or the payment for the cost of repairs. If you were involved in any kind of accident, be it minor or severe, and it leaves your vehicle with either a dented bumper, a deep paint scratch, or a stalled car; it may surprise you to know that the car repair cost that comes with such type of damage can be costly.

Cars of this era are lighter, safer, and boast of a better gas mileage. However, with the introduction of new technology, these cars spare parts are often sold at a more expensive price. While having insurance can cover all your repair costs, it is unwise to file a claim on your policy if it’s just a very minor scratch.

Depending on the type of insurance you own, a claim can do you harm by increasing your rates when it is time for insurance renewal. On the other hand, if your car has no insurance whatsoever, you are left with the burden of fixing the car with your own money.

Malaysia isn’t quite big or vastly populated compared to some Asian countries, but yet as of the year 2017, there were around 534 reported cases of car accidents in the country; some fatal and others minor. According to reports, ever since the year 2012, road accidents in Malaysia has been on the increase.

Vehicles involved in these accidents must certainly undergo repairs to fix certain damaged parts so they can effectively function again. Did you know that Honda is Malaysia’s largest automobile manufacturer; hence the chance of you seeing a Honda car on Malaysian roads are higher.

However, for example, if you reside in Penang and you get involved in an accident which damaged your Honda car, what do you do? The first step is to visit a Honda service centre available in both Penang island and the mainland like .

In this blog post, we will be providing you with some information regarding certain common car fixes after an accident.


1. Dented bumper

You are gradually pulling out of your garage while on a phone call. You get so focused on the phone call that you fail to stare at your side mirror to notice that you are almost close to a tree
right outside your garage. You notice late and try to apply your brakes immediately but still end up hitting the tree. You come out angry at yourself and discover that you have a scratched rear
bumper with a major dent on it.

Is it costly to repair a bumper?

Fixing a damaged bumper can be expensive, though this depends on the extent of the damage and the car in question. Bumpers of this era are equipped with several sensors that help drivers avoid a collision. These sensors can increase the cost of repairs.

dented car through accident


2. Deep paint scratches

You are on your way home, listening to some cool music and swerving your head from side to side while the beat filters through your ears. A cat strolls by the road, and you notice it late.

While trying not to crush the poor creature, you swerve left, and the side of your car kisses a protective rail beside the road; the outcome is a scratch to the body of your car. You come out feeling relieved that you didn’t kill the poor cat, at the same time you are mad at the scratch on your car.

If your car happens to be a Honda, consider the services of Honda body and paint service Penang and other locations to repair that extensive paint damage.

deep paint scratches from accidents


3. Cracked windshield

You park your car beside your lawn since you’ll be visiting a friend soon, and parking it in the garage wouldn’t be a good idea. Your kids with some other neighbourhood kids are playing the “throw and catch” game. A kid misaims his throw, and the result of it is a loud “thud” on the windshield. You come out to meet a few scared kids and a cracked windshield.

What is the cost of fixing a cracked windshield?

Well, a windshield is an integral part of a vehicle, so fixing it can be quite expensive, though this depends on the size of the windshield, the extent of damage, and the vehicle in question. If you
have insurance for your windshield, you won’t have to pay much, or probably fixing the windshield won’t cost you a cent.

cracked windshield due to car accident

So here you go, the three common car fixes after an accident. For more information, visit our website.

How To Find A Good Car Mechanic

Car owners are always looking to find a good car mechanic. A car mechanic that would do the job right and charge a fair price.

When you take your car to an auto mechanic, it is important to pay great attention to details in selecting the best you could find. Your vehicle should be taken care of by a qualified professional who can help you save money and maintain your car in good conditions.

There are two types of services your car needs: maintenance and repair. Maintenance service is the one stated in your vehicle owner’s manual schedule to keep your car running smoothly. The main goal is to keep your car in excellent operating condition. Repairs are services to fix a specific problem. So keep this in mind because finding a good mechanic will depend on what type of service your vehicle needs.

Scheduled maintenance services can be done at any dealership. For example, many would choose to take their Honda cars to the brand’s workshops as they are specifically trained and certified in all aspects of the car service needs, plus they have all the professional equipment required to make a good diagnosis. Remember, a good car mechanic should be capable to do the required work.

Additionally, you need to make sure that wherever you go for service, they are updated with the manufacturer’s latest technical service bulletins. When it comes to brand car service centres, the mechanics are trained to fix problems for all models of that specific brand, making them a great option when considering to send your car for maintenance.

car mechanic fixing the engine

If you are considering to send your car for repair services, the car mechanic you choose will depend on the job your vehicle needs. But keep in mind that if you have a complicated service and your car is covered by the original warranty, take it to the car dealership.

Now for auto-body repair, many vehicle owners choose the car brand’s service centre because they do an amazing job in individually catering for each different model. This is because car mechanics that specialize in your vehicle’s brand have better training, equipment, and updated information even if it’s a simple paint job.

Moreover, it is important to consider that if your car is having a problem that’s exclusive to your model. If so, it is a great idea to take it to the dealership or a specialized center as they will know how to fix the problem better.



Tips on How To Find A Good Mechanic

Finding a mechanic that you can trust will keep your car in excellent condition, and help you save money and time. Here are some things you should look for:

  • Look for a mechanic that specializes in your car’s brands. Shops, such as Honda service centres have the professionals, the latest technology and equipment to fix your car.
  • Seek recommendations from friends and family members who have a car similar to yours.
  • Look on the Internet. It is easy to do a quick search on the internet to find more information about the car mechanics in your area.
  • Always check credentials and certifications. Good mechanics have certifications, such as body repairs or diesel engines.
  • Look for mechanics that have a few years of experience so you can be sure they can handle a wide variety of repairs and problems
  • You can try a few car mechanics in your area for smaller repairs or maintenance items, such as oil and filter changes.
  • A good car mechanic should give you a warranty so ask about them ahead of time.
  • Look for a car mechanic that it is within your living or working area. You don’t want to spend hours looking for transportation options after you drop off the car.

changing the tire

Finally, it is important to look for a car mechanic that it is reasonably clean and organized. Spilled grease and oil are not a good sign as they are only accidents waiting to happen. Certainly, don’t forget a good mechanic should treat you respectfully and professionally and explain the repairs they plan to make, and the costs involved before they begin.

Not sure where to get your Honda car service in Penang? Why not visit our Honda service centres in Bukit Minyak, Bukit Mertajam, Juru or Butterworth today.

Things to Avoid Doing to a Newly Painted Car

Paint jobs can be so exciting – seeing your car looking brand new and clean all over again. As exciting as it is, paint jobs cost money. Therefore, you need to be careful with your newly painted ride.

So, you just got that Honda painted at a body and paint service in Penang, and you get the nod to take your new-looking car home.

Well, don’t get tempted into thinking you can do as you please with your car, as you might ruin the freshly painted ride.

This blog post will show you things to avoid doing in a newly painted car to keep it fresh for a very long time.


1. Don’t Leave the Paint Shop Immediately

As soon as the job is done, take your car under broad daylight to look out for defects that may need a rework. If you find any defects, like different shades of colours, it’s advisable to wait until it is fully cured before you try to fix the fault.

If you drive a Honda, a professional Honda body and paint service in Penang will cover your newly-painted car to protect it from dust and other contaminants.

Covers, in this case, means an automotive wrap that allows air between the film and your vehicle’s surface to protect it from the external environment.


2. Don’t wash the car immediately

Yeah, you’d be surprised how many people take their freshly painted ride to a car wash. Don’t do this – as fresh paints need proper curing, and you shouldn’t use soap on the car until after a month (30 days).

If you must wash, take it home, and rinse with cold water, and a microfiber mitt in the shade. Avoid keeping the car in the sun for an extended period.

After washing, use a microfiber towel or chamois to wipe gently. Trust me; you don’t want water marks or swirls on a shiny new finish.

red new painted car

3. Avoid unnecessary drives

Taking your freshly painted car for long, unnecessary rides will open up your new paint job to harsh environmental conditions before it is fully cured. It is advisable and safe to leave your car in a garage for about two months.

Only drive when necessary and during fair weather conditions. During this waiting period, you could use taxi services or use a second car if you have one. Your patience will pay off.


4. Don’t wax your car

There’s a general belief that waxing a newly painted automobile is harmless and will protect the paint job. A professional Honda car service in Penang will advise otherwise, as the curing process involves the paint gassing off itself.

Waxing your freshly-painted car will hinder the color from going through the gassing process. So, be patient and wait for the car to be fully cured. Wait for about sixty (60) days before waxing your car. Also, ensure you use only real carnauba wax your vehicle when ready.

Honda Accord grey colour

5. Never leave your freshly painted car, outdoors, or under a tree

Severe and unsightly damages can come from leaving your newly painted car, outdoors, or under a tree. Tree sap, bird droppings, and acid rain can damage your new paint job.

Even dramatic changes in temperature can also affect curing and paint adhesion. During the curing period, keep your car in a garage or at least a proper shelter.


Other tips to take home:

  • If oil, gasoline, antifreeze, windshield solvent, or transmission fluid accidentally spills on your car, be sure to rinse it off immediately using water. Also, don’t try to wipe the area, as it may smear. If you must clean the area, do so as gently as you can.
  • Don’t drive through gravel roads or drive through shrubbery roads that can scratch your vehicle.
  • Take your car to a certified Honda service center in Penang for a professional touch.
Things To Remember If You’re In A Car Accident

Even if you are a responsible driver that takes good care of your car and drives safely all the time, accidents do happen. When you are involved in an accident, things can get complicated and you may have a difficult time thinking about what to do.

Accidents are stressful and it is a good idea to be prepared. When you know exactly what to do, things will go smoother.

Key Things to Remember if You Have a Car Accident

1. Stop and Move

It is your legal obligation to stop if you are involved in an accident. It doesn’t matter if there is no damage. If you collide with something, you need to stop your car.

If it is possible, move your car to a safe nearby location, but don’t leave the scene of the accident. Always check if anyone is injured and call for medical assistance if needed.

**If the accident happens in a secluded place or in the wee hours, think twice before leaving your car after the crash due to safety concerns. Drive to a nearby police station.

2. Be prepared

Of course, you should not drive expecting the worst, but if something happens, it’s best to have a plan. You will need:

  • Your car insurance information
  • Warranty information
  • Vehicle registration
  • Driver’s license
  • Emergency kit
  • Emergency contact list
  • A medical card if you suffer from any medical problems, including allergies and blood type
  • Pens or pencils
  • Notepad
  • Flashlight
  • First-aid-kit
  • Blankets
  • Jumper cables
  • Trash bags
  • Cell phone
  • Flares

Moreover, it is important to never skip your car service at a Honda car center because there are many cases where an accident occurs when a car breaks down and stalls by the roadside.

3. Wait for your insurance company

It is important to let the insurance company do the talking and take care of your claim. It is in your best interest not to talk with the other party involved. Do not admit responsibility for the accident.

Call your insurance company and let them do their work. Do not assume responsibility or liability under any circumstances. Remember, everything you said can be used against you.

4. Get information

Once you’ve checked if anyone is injured, it is a good idea to exchange contact information with everyone involved. You should include name, address, email, and phone number.

It is also advisable to write down the information about all the vehicles involved including:

  • Year, make, and model
  • Insurance company
  • Insurance number
  • Driver’s license and plate number

You could also collect information from any witnesses at the scene, including name, address, email, and phone number. If you call the police or there is an officer present, get his/her name, phone number, and police report number.

All of this information is important as you might need it later to file a proper insurance claim.
In addition, it is a good idea to take photos of all the vehicles involved for your records and do a sketch of the crash scene.

Don’t forget to register the date and time of the accident, the address of the accident, the direction you were traveling in and the direction the other car was traveling in.

5. Control your emotions

white girl screaming

Being in a car accident can make anyone upset or angry with the other driver. Try your best to keep it cool. If you let your emotions control you, it will be harder for you to think and make a deal.

Keep in mind, there are still a lot of things you need to do like exchanging information, file a report with the police, document the damage of your vehicle, contact your insurance company and your Honda service centre.

Focus on what it is important, and try your best to be as calm as possible.


If you are prepared, and you know what to do in case of an accident, it will be easier to remain calm and make a deal.

Remember, your job in the crash scene is just to collect information and facts and not to get involved in any discussion. Let your insurance company do their job. Do not accept responsibility.

It is important to be aware that you don’t know the person you are dealing with, and you don’t know what type of insurance they have, so protect yourself.

Once everything is settled down, it is time to take care of your car. Always use a Honda accident repair center for your car repair.

You need your Honda to work perfectly after the repair, so don’t take any chances. Go directly to your Honda car service. They have the experience and expertise to work on your car.

Lastly, drive safely, and never drink and drive!

Why You Should Never Skip A Car Service

All cars must have regular maintenance to make sure they have a long road life. Oil changes are necessary for most cars between every 5,000 and 15,000 kilometres to give proper protection to the engine.

Skipping your car service can lead to major engine damage. It is important to do your Honda regular maintenance at a Honda car center as they have the experience and expertise to carry out the job well.

Benefits of Car Services

1. Extend your Honda’s Life

Going for a car service can be inconvenient sometimes, but it brings a lot of benefits. Doing so can extend your car’s life. If you want to drive your car without problems for many years, it is important to have your car checked at a Honda service centre regularly.

2. Reduced Risk of Expensive Breakdowns

Prevention is the biggest advantage of regular car servicing. This way you can reduce the risk of expensive breakdowns because any problems can be diagnosed in the early phase, thus preventing them from becoming more serious and unmanageable.

For example, if you don’t change your Honda’s engine oil regularly, it can affect the internal engine parts, which leads to a costly engine replacement or repair.

3. Safety

Car services help to detect potential problems on your Honda before they can cause you any harm. For example, a regular Honda service maintenance will perform checking on 7 major parts of the car:

  • Car engine
  • Brake system
  • Driving system
  • Electronic system
  • Wiper
  • Headlight and
  • Gearbox

If any problem is detected, the experts at Honda service center will fix or replace the car parts to protect you and your family on the road.

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4. Car Insurance

When your car is in good condition, it is less likely that you will suffer an accident and this will help you reduce your insurance premiums.

5. Maintain your Car’s Value

When you do your car’s regular services, you are not only extending the car’s life but you are also prolonging its value.

This is especially true when you have a good service history made by a Honda service center. Your Honda will be more valuable when selling. Keep in mind that the used car market is competitive, and a well-maintained car is always more attractive and valuable to a buyer.

6. Fuel Efficiency

If you are concerned about your car petrol mileage, you should never skip a car service. This is because if a car is running less efficiently, it will consume more fuel. So scheduling your Honda for tune-ups and changing the oil regularly will ensure that your car is saving you as much fuel as possible, saving you more money.

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7. Reduce Pollution

All vehicles have an impact on the environment. If your car is not well-serviced, you can harm the environment by contributing to pollution, smog, contaminated waterways, and acid rain. So, be eco-friendly and keep your car in good condition.

8. Save Money

When your Honda is well-maintained, you lower the cost of operation by avoiding major problems that will cost you more. Moreover, it is more than just saving you money. A broken-down car can ruin your plans for the day, and finding a mechanic and temporary car will end up costing you more time and money.

When you do regular car service, you take the pressure off and you would feel safe driving your Honda.


As you can see, there are many benefits and reasons why you should never skip your car service. You should keep two things in mind:

  • Make sure to get the servicing, and it should be carried out by qualified mechanics.
  • The service should follow the recommended guidelines from the vehicle manufacturer.

That’s why it is in your best interest to schedule your Honda service at your nearest Honda car centre. This way you can be sure that the above conditions are met.

Finally, regular services will give you a peace of mind knowing that your car is running in tip-top condition. This will help you feel safe and less stress when you are on the road.

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