Things to Consider Before Painting Your Car

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When you decide to paint your car, a lot of things should be considered. Is painting the entire car with a different colour more expensive?

Will the painter remove the original paint before the new paint is applied? How many days does it take to paint your car?

Read on to have all your doubts answered!


How To Know If Your Car Needs To Be Painted

There are three main reasons why you might consider painting your car:

1. Fading Of Paint Shine

Fading is when you notice the colour of your car starts to lose its depth, richness, and vibrancy. As the clear paint starts to thin, the paint begins to lose lustre or brilliance.

2. Peeling Clear Coat

When the colour of your car paint is peeling, it is a clear sign that you need a paint job. You should know that it is the coating that is peeling, not the colour. There are a few warning signs that your clear coating is starting to peel:

  • Bubbles

3. Serious Scratching

One of the main reasons why car owners take their car for a paint job is when serious scratching occurs. Scratching can be caused by simply washing the car with the wrong supplies or using bad techniques.


Is Your Car Worth Painting?

There are situations when your car is not worth the cost of a paint job. To decide, check on the value of your car before you make the decision.

The rule is that if the paint job will cost as much as 25% of the car’s value, it is better not to do it.


Changing Your Car Color

If you are thinking about changing your car colour, bear in mind of the following:

  1. Repainting your entire car with a different colour would make the paint job costlier.
  2. To completely change the colour of your car, the experts at car service centre will have to take everything out of the vehicle, even the engine, as well as the seats, dashboard, and console.
  3. To properly repaint the car, the paint and clear coat should first be removed.
  4. You should expect to be without your car for at least seven days to make sure everything is alright.


Types of Paint

The first thing you need to decide is what type of paint job you want. There are a lot of choices, such as colour, quality, and level of preparation. Don’t be tempted to choose a car repair centre that offers a cheap paint job as you will probably get an inferior finish for your car.

Instead, go for a professional paint shop to make sure an adequately trained painter will paint your car. Please take note that a high-quality paint shop will spend 10 hours preparing the vehicle for every one hour they spend spraying paint.

Trained painters at authorized car service centre will remove all parts that should not be painted, such as the bumper, tail lights, turn signals, and rubber trim. This is done to avoid any perceivable line between the painted parts and the unpainted parts.

The price of a paint job varies depending on the type of service you choose, such as:

  • Specific sections to be painted
  • Interior work
  • Patching any damage

Keep in mind that the original paintwork has not been just applied on the exterior surfaces. The colour goes around the doors, hatchback, and trucks. The hood has colour on the interior surfaces too. Thus the paint job should include all of these areas.

Finally, a paint job won’t fix every issue in the car. If your vehicle needs repairs, it is better to take your car to the nearest Honda Car Service in Penang to solve the surface issues before you paint the car if around Penang area.