5 Tips to Disinfect Your Car During COVID-19

June 24, 2020 By ,   0 Comments

The world is still struggling to cope with the severe conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though the Movement Control Order (MCO) has been lifted, there are still many challenges that must be considered to minimize the coronavirus’s impact. Good hygiene must be practised strictly, and social distancing guidelines are also essential.

Our Honda service centre also designed specific strategies to get used to the new normal and maintain safety protocols. Such measures must be adopted to make travelling via cars safe and secure as well.

According to the WHO, coronavirus can survive on plastic and steel for 72 hours. Door handles, lift buttons, car bodies, petrol pumps and car windows can carry the coronavirus. It is imperative that along with frequently washing your hands, you sanitize surfaces.

Here are some tips that you should follow to disinfect your car:


1. Disinfect Frequently-Touched Areas of The Car

There are many different cleaning and sterilizing products that you can use to disinfect the most touched areas of your car. They include using wipes, sprays or soap on areas such as handles, windows, dashboards, shift levers, any touch screen or button, vents, armrests, seat adjuster and especially the steering wheel. Other than the standard products, you can also find many specialized car cleaning products in the market.

Experts have advised the disinfecting of laptops, PCs, cell phones, desks and other frequently used products. Private cars are one of the most used types of transport and can be a significant source of virus transmission. Sanitizing a car surface can be challenging because it is more vulnerable to damage than normal surfaces. Home cleaning products that contain at least 70% of alcohol are useful against coronavirus. The interior surfaces of the vehicle can be sterilized with isopropyl alcohol, which is also used to disinfect heavy equipment in different factories.

Bleach, hydrogen peroxide and other such heavy cleaning products should not be used for disinfecting cars because they can permanently damage surfaces. For car touch screens, buttons and other sensitive areas, alcohol-based disinfectants should be used in small quantities. At the same time,  ammonia-based cleaners should be avoided because they can damage fingerprint sensors and anti-glare coatings.


2. Keep Windows Open

Ventilation is an effective tool against the transmission of coronavirus. It is proven that the air quality inside a car is much worse than outside, so it is highly recommended that you keep the car windows open during your rides to make sure there is proper circulation of fresh air.


3. Regularly Change The Air Filter

Different surveys have proven that very few people are aware that changing the air filter is suitable for car ventilation and better healthy driving. In terms of COVID-19, there are no conclusive studies yet that assess the impact of circulation on the transmission of the virus, but changing the air filter is a general hygienic practice that should be followed in these times as well.

The purpose of the air filter is to trap and prevent the particles from entering the car. There are different types of air filters available if you service your Honda cars from our centres, such as HEPA, carbon filter and many others, which are installed according to your requirements and vehicle.


4. Always Keep Disinfecting Wipes and Masks in Your Car

During the pandemic, the majority of people are expected to use private cars instead of public transportation. It is always better to take preventative measures instead of being sorry later, so you should keep disinfecting wipes, tissues, masks, gloves and a small bin in your car to dispose of the used stuff.

Using simple soap and water for cleaning car interiors is also safe for fabrics and leather. A microfiber cloth should be used to avoid any damage to the fabric of the seats and to clean any dirt or harmful particles stuck in the tiny holes of the surfaces. Scrubbing the surface too hard and using too much soap can destroy the surface.

Therefore, professionals at JM Motor Services in Penang are available to help you in the complete disinfection of the car to make it safe and secure.


5. Limited Passengers

Social distancing guidelines are still implemented in public places, and you should follow the same policy in your vehicle by limiting the number of passengers in it. Fewer people means there will be less chance of COVID-19 transmission, and therefore, you and your passengers can remain safe while travelling.


The Bottom Line 

These are uncertain times, and quite understandably, people are afraid of catching the virus from one another and even from their cars. You must keep vehicles as clean as possible to minimize the chances of coronavirus transmission.

Our professional cleaner can sterilize your vehicle to the highest standards and this will give you much-needed peace of mind while travelling in a clean and safe car.