Common Car Fixes After An Accident

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There is no fun in getting involved in a car accident; neither is the damage that comes with the accident or the payment for the cost of repairs. If you were involved in any kind of accident, be it minor or severe, and it leaves your vehicle with either a dented bumper, a deep paint scratch, or a stalled car; it may surprise you to know that the car repair cost that comes with such type of damage can be costly.

Cars of this era are lighter, safer, and boast of a better gas mileage. However, with the introduction of new technology, these cars spare parts are often sold at a more expensive price. While having insurance can cover all your repair costs, it is unwise to file a claim on your policy if it’s just a very minor scratch.

Depending on the type of insurance you own, a claim can do you harm by increasing your rates when it is time for insurance renewal. On the other hand, if your car has no insurance whatsoever, you are left with the burden of fixing the car with your own money.

Malaysia isn’t quite big or vastly populated compared to some Asian countries, but yet as of the year 2017, there were around 534 reported cases of car accidents in the country; some fatal and others minor. According to reports, ever since the year 2012, road accidents in Malaysia has been on the increase.

Vehicles involved in these accidents must certainly undergo repairs to fix certain damaged parts so they can effectively function again. Did you know that Honda is Malaysia’s largest automobile manufacturer; hence the chance of you seeing a Honda car on Malaysian roads are higher.

However, for example, if you reside in Penang and you get involved in an accident which damaged your Honda car, what do you do? The first step is to visit a Honda service centre available in both Penang island and the mainland like .

In this blog post, we will be providing you with some information regarding certain common car fixes after an accident.


1. Dented bumper

You are gradually pulling out of your garage while on a phone call. You get so focused on the phone call that you fail to stare at your side mirror to notice that you are almost close to a tree
right outside your garage. You notice late and try to apply your brakes immediately but still end up hitting the tree. You come out angry at yourself and discover that you have a scratched rear
bumper with a major dent on it.

Is it costly to repair a bumper?

Fixing a damaged bumper can be expensive, though this depends on the extent of the damage and the car in question. Bumpers of this era are equipped with several sensors that help drivers avoid a collision. These sensors can increase the cost of repairs.

dented car through accident


2. Deep paint scratches

You are on your way home, listening to some cool music and swerving your head from side to side while the beat filters through your ears. A cat strolls by the road, and you notice it late.

While trying not to crush the poor creature, you swerve left, and the side of your car kisses a protective rail beside the road; the outcome is a scratch to the body of your car. You come out feeling relieved that you didn’t kill the poor cat, at the same time you are mad at the scratch on your car.

If your car happens to be a Honda, consider the services of Honda body and paint service Penang and other locations to repair that extensive paint damage.

deep paint scratches from accidents


3. Cracked windshield

You park your car beside your lawn since you’ll be visiting a friend soon, and parking it in the garage wouldn’t be a good idea. Your kids with some other neighbourhood kids are playing the “throw and catch” game. A kid misaims his throw, and the result of it is a loud “thud” on the windshield. You come out to meet a few scared kids and a cracked windshield.

What is the cost of fixing a cracked windshield?

Well, a windshield is an integral part of a vehicle, so fixing it can be quite expensive, though this depends on the size of the windshield, the extent of damage, and the vehicle in question. If you
have insurance for your windshield, you won’t have to pay much, or probably fixing the windshield won’t cost you a cent.

cracked windshield due to car accident

So here you go, the three common car fixes after an accident. For more information, visit our website.